EMDR Essentials - Digital Download

Everything You’ll Need on One CD

Brochures, Clinical Forms, Client Handouts, etc.


  1. EMDR Brochure (Color/Black and White)
  2. EMDR Brochure (Color/Black and White) Alternate Form
  3. EMDR Informed Consent
  4. EMDR Session Tracking Form
  5. EMDR Clinical Progress Notes
  6. Client Handout: Traumatic Stress Inventory
  7. Client Handout: Crisis Plan (long and short forms)
  8. List of Negative and Positive Cognitions
  9. Client Handout: Psychoeducation: EMDR for Resourcing
  10. Client Handout: Psychoeducation: Trauma and PTSD
  11. Client Handout: EMDR Readiness: Client Checklist
  12. Client Handout: Considering EMDR? What Every Client Should  Know
  13. Client Handout: Trauma Timeline Worksheet
  14. The Importance of Investigation Prior to Contempt:An Interview with Linda Curran
  15. What Makes a Good EMDR Therapist? Jamie Marich, EMDRIA Certified Consultant