Multisensory Guided Imagery

Developed by Bresler, D. & Rossman, M.


According to Belleruth Naparstek, guided imagery is intentional, directed daydreaming-blending one’s imagination with words and phrases that evoke sensory fantasy and memory. Guided imagery creates a deeply receptive mind, body, psyche and spirit state during which change becomes possible.  For most of us, imagery is an accessible form of meditation yielding immediate empirically proven benefits including a wide variety of physical and psychological outcomes.... Imagery is effective because it basically bypasses rational thought and logical assumptions - delivering healing messages directly to the hypervigilant primitive brain. Once received, imagery disperses gentle reminders of health, strength, meaning and hope that affect unconscious assumptions and self-defeating concepts.Because it is processed through the right brain’s primitive, sensory, and emotion-based channels, it is an ideal intervention for post-traumatic stress.

    Description of Guided Imagery Interview with Belleruth Naparstek, LISW, BCD....

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