Frequently Asked Questions About the Listing

Question: How do I know if I’m on the list? (Where do I find the list?)

Answer: If you are unsure if you are on the National List of Recommended Clinicians

  • In the column to the left you’ll see, National List of Recommended Clinicians. Click on that link. 
  • It will bring up a map with the heading: Trauma101 Recommended Trauma Clinicians (please click on your state's name)
  • "Click on your state’s name" as directed (Note: If you live in New England, some of your states are too small, so you must click on your state’s name, as opposed to its shape).
  • "Click your state" and search for your name. 
    • If you see your name and the entire listing is correct, then you don't need to do anything. 
    • If you see your name but some of your contact information is incorrect, please send your corrected information to and the listing will be updated.  

Question: I’m on the list. How did that happen?

Answer: About 15 months ago, I sent out emails to colleagues asking for names and contact information of trauma-informed clinicians, with criteria listed (credentials and training-specifically, two or more trauma modalities). Subsequently, I have sent out additional emails, asking those who received the inquiries to do the same. Folks then submitted names and contact info, we verified them and added them to the list. I then sent out two rounds of emails asking for corrections, because the site has been in development for more than a year and people's info changes. 

Question: I’m not on the list, but want to be. What is the criteria for being listed?

Answer: You must be a licensed clinician with specialized training trauma treatment, i.e., two or more trauma treatment modalities.

Question: I meet that criteria. How do I get on the list?

Answer: Fill in and submit the Clinician Contact Form.

Question: I have a colleague who should be on this list. Should I submit his/her name?

Answer: Please send this link: Frequently Asked Questions Page to your colleague to submit contact info. Or better yet, use the share-this-icons.jpgin the column on the left.

Thanks, Linda