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Hi friends and colleagues 🙂

I saw this meme a few days (weeks or months) ago: “I feel like a kid again; gas is cheap and I’m grounded.” And, damn, I do hate being grounded.

Anyway, you may remember that key ingredients for being traumatized are being (or feeling) both trapped and helpless. Like many of you, I’ve been feeling both. It occurred to me that the antidote —feelings of empowerment and connection—are also available to me.

Some of you have reached out for consultation around implementing EMDR into practice in general, as well questions about necessary modifications for using EMDR with clients online. So I’ve decided to offer a time-limited online consultation group. (series of five 2 hour sessions)

I figured, I’m home; you’re home. Why not? I’ve also decided decided to offer it free of charge. (If so inspired, here’s a link below for donations to my favorite non-profit, Headstrong

Since there is an experiential component requiring supervision, the capacity of the group will be limited to 25 participants. Requirements for participation include:

  • Prior training in EMDR (Curran’s 3-day or equivalent)
  • Attending all five sessions and participation in experiential triads
  • Submitting a case for consultation (and/or any questions that you may have—provided that I have not already been answered it in the FAQs on the website)

If you’d like to participate, please visit:’s Training & Consultation tab.

If the dates don’t work for you or the group is full, don’t fret, there will be other opportunities for group consultation in the near future.

If you are feeling less than confident in using EMDR, please check out the online program: EMDR Step by Step Plus

If you are feeling less than confident working with complex trauma, check out the certification course: Treating Complex Trauma: Beyond Competency

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